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At Vince, it's always been about the people.

At Vince, it's always been about the people.


In 2010, a group of seasoned Infor and Lawson consultants came together with a clear vision: to make ERP better. Driven by our combined M3 expertise and tech insights, we set out to address the consistent challenges we had encountered in our consultancy roles. The result? Applications tailored to make Infor M3 the most user-friendly, adaptable, and potent ERP solution out there.

Our products aren't just built on advanced tech, but on the insights and experiences of real people, aiming to alleviate real-world challenges for our growing global clientele.

The journey has been marked by strategic expansion and the fostering of a rich, inclusive company culture. From the establishment of Vince AB in 2019, to India in 2012, our footprint in Denmark in 2018, and our recent entry into the US in 2023, every step has been driven by a commitment to our community of users.

Starting with six partners, all fueled by a shared vision, we've grown to include 10 key partners and an international family of over 70 dedicated employees. All working hand-in-hand, making sure every Infor M3 user gets the best experience possible.

At Vince, our services span across M3 consulting, products, and custom solutions, but our core remains unchanged: It's all about the people.

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Our core values

People and our employees are the most important thing for Vince! We believe that through showing CARE, we will succeed with our goals.  

At Vince, our strength lies in our diversity, with team members bringing varied backgrounds to the table. Our core goal is to continually evolve and improve, fostering an environment where new ideas are valued and encouraged.

We perceive failure not as a setback, but as proof of effort and a valuable learning experience. Our guiding rule is simple - we can fail, but we must not repeat the same mistake twice. This philosophy fosters innovation and growth, promoting a mindset of learning and continuous improvement.

We understand that what worked yesterday might not necessarily be the best solution for today. As such, adaptability is integral to our operations. We continuously challenge our assumptions and adjust our strategies, demonstrating a willingness to evolve with changing circumstances, ensuring we remain agile and responsive in a rapidly shifting business landscape.




We are determined to deliver high-quality services to all our clients and we are striving to further improve our applications. Today we are selling our services to over 18 different countries and to businesses of any size.




Leading Vince with a blend of diverse expertise and backgrounds, our management team is at the forefront of guiding our dynamic growth. Across our offices in Norway, Sweden, and India, they manage over 70 employees, driving innovation and success in each of our endeavors.


Øistein Reppe


CEO and Partner at Vince, Øistein brings over 25 years of expertise in the ERP market with roles held at Infor, Mazeppa, Merit and Vince, coupled with a record as Chairman of various boards and a strong background in finance and management.


Kristoffer Eidissen

Chief Revenue Officer

CRO at Vince AS, Kristoffer Eidissen fosters B2B strategies and change management for business growth. With a BI Norwegian Business School degree, he continually pursues business improvement.


Martin Hilmersson

Managing Director Sweden AB

Managing Director at Vince AB, Martin Hilmersson brings 25+ years of ERP expertise, excelling in M3 solutions through his sales acumen. His strategic leadership is backed by an MSc from Chalmers University.

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Fredrik Heimerback

Chief Service Officer

Fredrik Heimerback, Chief Service Officer at Vince AS, has a strong background in professional services and business process management. With previous roles at Basware and Adviso, he brings expertise in software project management and IT strategy.


Raghu Kesavan

Managing Director India

Raghu K, Managing Director of Vince India, has over 19 years of experience, specializing in product management, ERP systems, and web applications. With his tech-expertise honed at NIT Calicut, he leads multidisciplinary teams from prototype to product.


Our board comprises diverse and experienced professionals. As Vince continues to expand, our board members, located across Norway, Sweden, and India, play a pivotal role in guiding our growth and strategic direction, contributing their unique insights and expertise to our team of 70+ employees.



Ingvild Huseby

Chair of the Board

Ingvild Huseby, Chair at Vince AS & Co-founder of Scale Leap Capital, holds vast expertise in tech investment, board leadership, growth strategies, and M&A. Her quantum physics and corporate finance background greatly enriches her technology proficiency.


Kari Anna Fiskvik

Board Member

Kari Anna Fiskvik is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Nordic Choice Hotels, with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Kari Anna is also known for her commitment to diversity and inclusion in tech and her efforts to create a positive and innovative work environment. In 2022, she was named one of the Top 50 Women in Tech in Norway.


Stian Berg

Board Member

Stian Berg, M&A Director at Visma Group, has worked in product management at IBM and EDB Business Partner. He held various leadership roles in Visma, including Product Director for the Enterprise Division, and is part of the board at Framsikt AS and Acos AS.


Espen Johnsen

Board Member

Espen Johnsen, Solution Architect and Partner at Vince AS, has over 25 years in ERP, including 12 years at Lawson Software. He specializes as a system architect, with key knowledge about M3 ERP, web applications and tie different applications into state of the art solutions.


Peder Floer

Board Member

Peder Floer has a wide experience from the IT industry with 30 years in different roles stretching from Consultant to CEO. He is one of the founders of Vince and have been an active part of building the commercial part of their Software sales.


David Zetterman

Board Member

David Zetterman is a Senior Consultant and Partner at Vince AS, with over 20 years of experience in ERP consulting. He joined Vince in 2014, contributing significantly to the company's growth and development. Prior to Vince, David worked as a Senior Business Consultant at Infor for nearly 14 years.


Oslo, Norway


Oslo is the capital of Norway, and it also happens to be where Vince was first established. Our head office is located in sentral Oslo.

Adress: Riddervolds gate 4, 0256 Oslo.


Gøteborg, Sweden


Sweden is another fast developing country and we decided to open our second office here, mainly because of increasing demand from Swedish companies. Later we have established a great team in Sweden and we are looking forward to continue to grow in this area.

Address: Kungsportsavenyen 3, 411 36 Göteborg


Bangalore, India


Vince is well- represented in India where we develop a lot of our software and M3 solutions. India is also an important place for us to establish due to increasing demand and interest around our products and services.

Adress: IndiQube – HEXA, 3rd Floor, A- wing,
9th Main, 6th Sector HSR Layout Bangalore-560102