Integrations, Consulting, Web Apps, Microservices for M3

Centuries of combined M3 experience

Integrations & Electronic Data Interchange 

Our Integration Team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including: 

  • On-premise and Cloud edition integrations for M3. 
  • Use of standard Infor integration platforms such as ION and MEC, alongside our proprietary platforms, VBU and Vince Live. 
  • Support for integrations involving any data-provider platforms. 
  • Electronic Data Interchange expertise throughout the entire Procure-to-Pay process. 

Types of integrations that we have experience with:

  • Regular one-to-one integrations (e.g. most EDI-integrations)
  • One to Many integrations
  • Many to One integrations
  • One to Same integrations (where the integration platform acts as a supporting tool for business process within a specific program, usually M3) 
  • Microservices (where an integration platform acts as the interface for requests, and provides data from multiple systems) 

M3 Consulting

Our dedicated team of Infor M3 consultants have several centuries of  collective experience in ERP systems. 

We are M3 experts in the fields of finance and supply chain, specializing in master data, with significant experience in the retail and fashion industry supported by our Vince applications to ensure high quality and an efficient workday. 

With a shared passion for creating robust and effective solutions, our experts offer a wealth of insights gained from their years navigating the complexity of the Infor M3 system. 

We operate according to our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust. We believe these values should influence everything we do in both business and life. We are passionate about what we do, which our customers can benefit from. 

Meet the Consultants

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Implementation, development, and upgrade projects 

Our team have broad experience from various projects and customers: 

  • Extensive experience of M3 upgrade projects, both On Prem and Cloud.  
  • Transformation projects from other ERP systems to M3 
  • Web App and Microservice development projects realizing even more value from the possibilities in the M3 and Vince Software platforms. 

We pride ourselves in working very tight with the customer planning the project thoroughly. We always run a thorough scoping phase to map, evaluate, and verify the solution before finalizing the project plan. We are on-site as much as possible to maintain close contact with the customer throughout the project. Regular follow up is essential to ensure delivery on time, quality and cost. 

We have very qualified people to rebuild integrations, and we use our standard applications VXL and VBU for migration and monitoring. 


Vince Software products 

We are experts on the entire Vince Software product suite and offer both consulting services, as well as onboarding and training services for those customers who wish to build inhouse competence on our product portfolio. 

Customer Success & Onboarding

Our experienced Customer Success Team will ensure quick onboarding and will provide continuous consulting and support throughout your journey with Vince. We will give expert advice and help make sure that the greatest possible value can be realized from use of our product suite. 

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Customer Support

Our dedicated Customer Support Team will provide assistance when needed and can help answer all your product related questions. We are seasoned incident handlers and passionate about minimizing business impact from your product related issues. 

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