- Vince VSE Success Story -

"Vince Security makes it easy to granulate access to M3. Using Vince Security – mass updates in users is done effortlessly and effectively."


Nina H.Aas

Team Manager
Operation & Support




Brødrene Dahl works within the customer segments PHS, CE, INDUSTRY, MARINE, AQUA, OIL & GAS, HYDROPOWER, and TRAFFIC SAFETY. Brødrene Dahl AS is a holding company, which also has a significant business in the ventilation and tile market through three subsidiary companies. Brødrene Dahl AS has 1,500 employees and a revenue of over 8 billion NOK. Brødrene Dahl and the subsidiary companies operate at around 80 locations in Norway. They also have some export activities to select customers. Brødrene Dahl is part of the French industrial group Sain-Gobain.

Brødrene Dahl fait partie du groupe industriel français Saint-Gobain.

The challenges

Being a distribution company with many employees working in Infor M3 gave them challenges with wide roles – that means some users had access to many functions not relevant for the work. They had too few roles since managing them is very time-consuming, and it wasn’t easy to have a complete view of who needed what functions. They wanted more granulated roles but couldn’t see how to manage them.

Every year they do IT-revision to document that we are SOD (Segregation of Duty)-compatible. The process was time-consuming and inaccurate, and we also knew that it was possible to manipulate the result.


Choosing the right tools


Brødrene Dahl invested in Vince Security Center (VSE) in 2018 as a part of the SOD-documentation. Since then, they have worked actively with VSE to optimize the access to Infor M3, using the 360 views to get full control over their users’ access, roles, and functions.

With VSE, they can also do maintenance and set up more easily. This means that their IT-revision is much easier, more accurate, and they can clearly see if there are unintended roles given to users. VSE also helps with license control and makes it easy to keep the systems safe from internal and external threats.



Brødrene Dahl is a holding company that works with the customer segments PHS, CE, industry, marine, aqua, oil & gas, hydropower, and traffic safety. They invested in Vince Security (VSE) to optimize access to Infor M3 and overcame challenges with too broad and time-consuming functions.

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