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"We see Vince Excel (VXL) as the best tool in the market to explore and maintain our master data in a secure and controlled way."


Ståle Solheim

Seinor ERP Consultant Supply Chain





Mowi ASA, formerly known as Marine Harvest ASA, is a Norwegian seafood company with operations in a number of countries around the world. The company’s primary interest is fish farming, primarily salmon, the operations of which are focused on Norway, Scotland, Canada, the Faroe Islands, Ireland and Chile. They started to deploy Infor M3 Cloud Edition for the whole organization in 2018.

The challenges


Mowi is a global company with sites and marketplaces all over the world. Therefore, it can be challenging to have timely, updated master data at all times. Spot prices in different markets vary from each week and must be updated weekly.

Transport rates in 25 production countries and all countries representing the market need to be updated frequently. Since they first started using Infor M3 Cloud Edition in 2018, they have rolled out the solution to Europe and Canada / US. Preparing master data is one of the most critical areas that need to be merged before Golive.


Choosing the right tools


Mowi invested in Vince Excel (VXL) during 2018, and after six months of use, they passed 100 end-users of the tool. They use it daily for many critical processes; adjust spot-market prices, sales contracts, purchase agreements, budget figures, transport rates for internal calculation, import of productions orders, and several other areas.

Most of the business units use it. Infor M3 is their main ERP-solution. When setting up master data for new production sites, they use the VXL to build master data in all the needed registries. It can be a tremendous job, but the work is swiftly completed by reusing the templates. We use the business logic and rule sets in Infor M3 and the tailormade global template that Mowi has set as a standard. Even external consultants use our Infor product VXL to be more effective in their work.





Mowi is a global seafood company with marketplaces worldwide. They have high demands for timely, updated master data and spot prices vary from each week. Mowi uses Infor M3 Cloud Edition and the ERP-solution Vince Excel (VXL) to swiftly and precisely implement critical, daily processes that otherwise require tremendous work efforts.

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