- Vince Security VSE Success Story -

"VSE made API security manageable, which would have been impossible without it."


Serge Richard

Application Developer





Systemair is a leading ventilation company operating in 51 countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Employing approximately 6,600 employees today.

Systemair helps to improve the indoor climate with the help of energy-efficient and sustainable products that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Group comprises about 90 companies. 

The challenges

Systemair faced significant challenges due to the absence of effective API security functionality in M3. This gap posed operational hurdles, particularly in securely managing data communication across diverse global divisions, exposing the company to potential security risks.

The lack of API security impacted operations, creating impracticalities in ensuring secure and efficient data transmission.


Choosing the right tools


Systemair emphasized the critical importance of addressing API security gaps. VSE stood out as the preferred solution due to its ability to seamlessly integrate into operations, providing a necessary security framework and filling gaps in API management. The decision to go with VSE was reinforced by its flexibility, demonstrated adaptability during adjustments, and the constructive collaboration with Vince during the initial stages.

The challenges prompted a thorough verification process, and VSE not only addressed the identified gaps but also became an integral part of daily operations. 



Daily VSE Utilization

Systemair integrates VSE into daily operations, prioritizing API security across global divisions. With two admin users and three end users overseeing tasks, VSE ensures efficient, secure data transmissions. While time savings are challenging to quantify, the tool makes API security manageable, garnering positive feedback from management.

Next Steps and Future Plans

Systemair plans to explore additional functionality within VSE, focusing on Active Directory (AD). This forward-looking approach aligns with the company's commitment to proactive security measures and continuous improvement. The collaborative relationship with Vince positions Systemair to contribute feedback, ensuring VSE's ongoing effectiveness in daily operations and adapting to future security needs.



Systemair, a global ventilation leader, faced operational challenges due to the absence of effective API security in M3. Choosing VSE addressed critical gaps, offering seamless integration into daily operations. The tool's flexibility and adaptability, coupled with constructive collaboration, made it the preferred solution.

Daily VSE use involves a streamlined approach, with a small team managing API security efficiently. Positive feedback from management highlights the tool's successful integration. Looking forward, Systemair plans to explore additional functionality, focusing on Active Directory, aligning with its commitment to proactive security measures and continuous improvement.

Notably, VSE has become indispensable, as managing API security without it would be challenging. Its transformative impact turned challenges into opportunities, making VSE an integral part of Systemair's resilient and secure daily operations.

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