- Vince VBU Success Story -

"The short implementation time and ease of navigation was a win for us in TOOLS"


Ellen Langseth

IT Director





TOOLS is Norway’s leading supplier of goods such as tools, machines, personal protective equipment, and industrial consumables. In total, they have 46 stores and 500 employees nationwide. Their customers work primarily in industry, oil and gas, building/construction, and public administration. Their main office is in Rosenholm, and they have a yearly turnover of approximately 1,7 MNOK.

The challenges


TOOLS invested in Infor M3 (M3) as their main ERP system. During the transitional stage, they spent a lot of time and energy, understanding their new ERP system. Their main goal was to have a clearer overview of their Item Master Data, management information, orders, processes, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). TOOLS also wanted to be notified of issues that occurred and the ability to track one order from start to finish.

They soon discovered that to have this level of control, they needed external systems. TOOLS has different departments with different responsibilities spread geographically throughout their organization. It was important to give responsibility to the right person, so they could handle challenges that occurred. It was also imperative that TOOLS received help with their new software setup and had someone who could navigate their new ERP system.


Choosing the right TOOLS


In 2017 TOOLS invested in Vince Butler (VBU), and with VBU, they were able to gain a fully comprehensive overview of some of their processes – all in real-time. With VBU, they could track orders from start to finish, and if any issues arose along the way, they would be notified.

Another benefit TOOLS gained was being able to gather knowledge of their internal processes, ERP system, and users. Additionally, they could detect reasons for stops and errors, which, in turn, enabled them to prevent these kinds of issues from happening again. Different departments now also have their own set of dashboards and monitoring systems, allowing them to efficiently carry out their tasks.





TOOLS is Norway’s leading supplier of goods such as tools, machines, personal protective equipment, and industrial consumables. When TOOL invested in M3 as their new ERP system, they quickly realized that they needed supporting software to support their needs.

TOOLS invested in Vince Butler (VBU), and with VBU TOOLS, they were able to have better control and monitoring orders – in real-time – from start to finish. They would also be notified of any issues that occurred along the way and set up specific dashboards for different departments in their organization. This has since allowed personnel to carry out their duties efficiently and without interference.