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Introducing VBU - the cloud-based application for proactively monitoring business-critical components within your ERP solution, specifically designed for the Infor M3


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Vince Butler: Your Digital Sidekick


Say 'hi' to Vince Butler (VBU), the perfect blend of business practicality and a dash of digital quirkiness. It's like your favourite coffee - strong on functionality, topped with a froth of user-friendly features!

VBU seamlessly monitors your business-critical systems, acting as a vigilant watchdog, ready to pounce on potential errors before they become full-fledged issues. Its dashboards are as simple to use as putting on your favourite pair of slippers, offering an inviting and intuitive space for tracking data.

'Collectors' and 'Publishers' are VBU's dynamic duo, providing vital insights and proactive solutions for your business operations. So sit back, relax, and let Vince Butler do the heavy lifting. After all, running your business should feel like a pleasant jog in the park, not a frantic sprint to the finish line.


Vince Butler: Your Error-Proofing ERP Lifeguard


ERP software is an incredibly powerful tool capable of optimizing complex processes across multiple business units. But when many systems communicate with one another errors are bound to occur, and if a single piece in a chain breaks, entire processes can break down.

For most businesses, identifying and fixing errors is extremely inefficient and frustratingly time consuming. Issues are typically detected when it’s already too late.

Vince Butler puts a stop to all this by proactively monitoring business-critical components within your ERP solution including systems, content and processes – as well as the channels of communication that tie everything together.


Why VBU? For Smooth Business Sailing!


If something does go wrong, VBU lets you know, and an automatically generated, fully-configurable alert is sent directly to the person or team responsible for fixing the issue. There’s no need to raise a ticket with the helpdesk or watch the seconds tick by as delivery grinds to a halt – work on a fix can begin at once.

Vince Butler’s flexibility makes it a tool for the whole business, not just for IT. Different business units and process owners are able to monitor whichever systems, content or KPIs are most important to them, setting up dashboards that offer a visual representation of emerging issues or trends.

With Vince Butler monitoring your end to end solution, you can rest assured that your business will keep on delivering, day after day.


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The short implementation time and ease of navigation was a win for us

Ellen Langseth
IT Director


Vince Butler (VBU) makes life easier for us

Kim Christensen
Application Manager


All Infor M3 sites ought to have Vince Butler

Anders Grønbech
CIO, Group IT


Errors have been reduced dramatically after implementation of VBU

Svein Andersen
Business Delivery Manager