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Introducing VXL Classic - an application used on top of M3 and its main purpose is to provide users with a simple way to manage and maintain M3 master data in Excel. 


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Managing M3 data is easy in Excel


ERP software like Infor M3 has revolutionized the way businesses manage complex processes and workflows, increasing efficiency and automation to aid in the delivery of products and services.

As with most ERP solutions, however, managing and manipulating data in Infor M3 can be complicated, with users often having to trawl through large numbers of records to find key information or complete a given task. It’s cumbersome and time-consuming, and the constant jumping around leads to an increased scope for human error.


Why VXL?

Ease of Use: VXL integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, making data management simple and familiar.

Flexibility: With configurable logic using Infor M3’s standard APIs, VXL adapulously adapts to your specific needs.

Fast Implementation: VXL's installation and implementation are quick, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Scalability: Being cloud-enabled, VXL offers scalability and supports increased productivity.

Security: VXL mirrors Infor M3's security settings with options for further enhancements, safeguarding your data.

Customizable Templates: With VXL, you can use pre-made or design your own templates for swift setup.

VXL streamlines data management in Infor M3, making it simple, secure, and user-friendly. It lets you focus on business growth rather than wrestling with complex data management.

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Flexible Excel Templates


Power users can design Excel templates to match their end users' needs, making it straightforward and fast to complete. With Excel's robust formulas and formatting, the templates can be as simple or as complex as you need.

Include the API message for instant confirmation of upload status.

Check out all the VXL Templates here

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Updating 1000 records in VXL

minutes to update

Updating 1000 records in M3

minutes to update

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The data team can mass-update articles and prices/discounts much faster and more securely than before, without involving the IT departement.

Torbjørn Steinshamn
Chief Information Officer

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Vince Excel (VXL) worked as a perfect tool for data migration during Infor M3 implementation project.

Arvid Zernell
M3 Business Analyst

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We wouldn't be able to handle all the master data without Vince Excel (VXL).  It allowed us to meet the value chain’s heavy demands and customers.

Ivar Oldervik
Director of IT Division


Since we have a cloud solution for M3, we can't use the SQL-queries like we used to do in older versions. We see Vince Excel (VXL) as the best tool in the market.

Ståle Solheim
Senior ERP Consultant Supply Chain